A powerful tool behind all Voyego solutions


Reduce costs and improve staff efficiency through automation

Voyego Guest Experience Manager enables you to automate standard guest services and communication, including check-in/check-out, concierge services, housekeeping services and more. Guests can check-out on the elevator ride down and order a wakeup call in mere seconds from their mobile device, freeing up your front desk staff’s time for other important activities.

Increase your sales and customer loyalty with a powerful marketing tool

At the heart of Voyego is a comprehensive messaging and promotional platform that enables you to quickly and easily send promotional and sales communication to your guests – before they arrive, during their stay and post-departure. From special offers, gift vouchers and rewards to confirmation messages and thank you notes, you can strengthen your relationship with your guests, encourage them to purchase additional hotel services and give them incentive to book with you again.

Simplify operations with a content management system

Enable your staff to easily search, retrieve, update and create new content and repurpose existing content for promotional campaigns, sales activities and guest-service communication. All content is consolidated into a centralized and secure cloud-based repository that’s accessible via a web browser.

Gain business insight through comprehensive analytics and reports

Gain complete visibility into your hotel’s operations through dashboards that let you monitor and track orders, special requests, delivery options, conversion rates and more. All statistics are visible in real-time and stored in the system, so you can move quickly from data to decisions and optimize your response time and efficiency for different guest-related services.


Visually engaging dashboards that give you immediate insight into all relevant data regarding your hotel operations and marketing campaigns.

Product Catalogue

Easy administration of all your products and services; third-party offers can be included.


Workflow and processes related to product/service orders, automatic creation of tickets for purchased services.


One centralized location for all guest-related communication. Personalize messages and send emails, push notifications and text messages based on a set of predefined rules.


View information and perform all activities related to your guests. Third-party services can be included in the system.


Create and send promotional campaigns via email or mobile application using your guest database that is located in the Guest Experience Manager.


Manage the Guest Scoring System; decide how to assign points to each action the guests take and how to enable your guests to redeem the points they collect.


Customize the language of the mobile app to your guests’ preferred language.


Manage content for your multiple hotel properties via the Guest Experience Manager; enable guests to interact with your multiple properties via a single app.