Technologies powering Voyego Keeping up-to-date with new technological advances is the key to staying successful and remaining ahead of the competition. That’s why we built Voyego solutions using a combination of the latest and most cutting-edge technologies – to provide you with the tools you need to streamline your operations and deliver an unparalleled guest experience.


Voyego Guest Experience Manager is delivered from the cloud. Built from the ground up to be a secure, reliable and scalable back end solution, it is hosted in the Windows Azure Cloud. Through cloud technology, we enable you to get resources on-demand, as you need them, so you can grow your business without the fear of hitting the ceiling.

NoSQL database

Our back end system uses a leading NoSQL database for data storage and processing. This document-based, schema-less approach enables flexible data modelling to suite the ever-changing demands of the travel industry. It also enables us to scale out data to multiple servers allowing for fast and fault-tolerant access to data.

REST services

Our back end services are exposed as RESTful web services to our front-end applications. Industry standard technology used in our products enables reliable, fast and secure services for our mobile and web clients.

HTML 5, CSS3 & AngularJS

All Voyego products are built using web technologies. By following the principles of responsive web design, the application’s look can be adapted to every screen size and usage scenario.


We have taken fast data access to a whole new level by using indexes provided by this search engine technology. Enjoy super-fast speeds and never wait for your data again.

iOS and Android devices supported

Apache Cordova/PhoneGap is used to build our HTML 5-based mobile apps and deliver them to iOS and Android as pure, natively-built applications. Because the app adapts to the specific device, a multitude of devices can be covered both on iOS and Android with the same code base. Cordova supports many native libraries that allow access to the underlying hardware and system settings.


Our mobile apps are all built with location context in mind, giving the guest the right information at the right time and at the right place. Beacons are used to enable proximity marketing by identifying and tracking the user’s app and triggering a flow of information to the guest’s mobile device.